Dear readers, the new design for my official website is complete and it’s live now. I am once again looking forward to connecting with you all and communicating frequently. I will also be writing frequently and I am sure you will like my blog posts and share your ideas here. You can also contact me via email and I will be happy getting back to you.

My debut novel has attracted many readers and a wide worldwide readership. I am working on my second novel and I am sure it will repeat the same. I will be sharing the ideas that will interest you all. I will also be sharing the excerpts and parts from my new work. I am sure you all will be interested in knowing how does the new protagonist think and what does he bring to the world.

Moreover, on this blog, I will also share my experiences as an author. What does it take to publish a book? What does it take to get your book in the hands of the target readers? How does an author need to maintain his image and communication among the readers? How does an author ideally use social media platforms? I will be sharing my experiences as an author and also my suggestions for those want to become authors. I am sure it will be helpful for the newcomers if they already know what to expect and what not to expect. I will also be sharing my tips on how can one get one’s books reviewed by the leading Indian book review sites.

And, further adding to the array of ideas I will be sharing on my official website, I will also write about the art of crafting fiction. I won’t claim that I have achieved nirvana in this art but I am sure that my experiences have taught me many things that may be helpful for the authors to come. As an author (whether you are a novelist or a poet), you have to make sure that you take care of the demands that your readers have; if you do this, you will remain relevant among the readers. However, this may bereave you of the elitist literature club approvals – do you care about that? This is a question that most of the newcomers in the writing industry often face. I will be sharing my thoughts about such questions as well. So, are you ready for my blogs? I will start writing soon… all the best!