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Ravi Dabral is a leading Indian literary personality and also one of the best crime thriller novelists in India. His debut novel, Greed Lust Addiction, was published in January 2019 and it rose to the position of bestseller in a very short time. The subtitle of his novel clearly makes sense to the modern readers of fiction – victory over vices makes you champion.

Before his novel, Ravi Dabral has also written a non-fiction book entitled Secrets of a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Life. This spiritual book was also published in January 2019 but before his novel. This book shares the experiences that Ravi Dabral accumulated during his journeys in the Himalaya and visiting ashrams in various Indian places. You can buy both the books directly from this website by clicking the book covers below. You can also buy the books from Amazon and other platforms if you want.

Greed Lust Addiction - English Edition
Laalach Vasana Lat Hindi Ravi Dabral Novel
Secrets of healthy wealthy and happy life

Meet the One Man with Many Talents

Ravi Dabral is not only a successful author but also a man with many dimensions to his personality. He is a spiritual enthusiast, a culture preserver (keeping Indianness animated in Singapore), a well-qualified and established corporate employee, and the best one – a bestselling author. Meet the many sides of him!